Our Clients

The essentials necessary to provide a successful drug/alcohol program are :

The highest available quality testing solution with SAMHSA certification.
Dedication to one specific clientele, the shipping industry.
Combined with sound management control procedures in its application
  • ARCADIA Shipmanagement trusts ELSSI and uses it’s services since 2002, in accordance to ARCADIA policies and procedures as these are defined into Company’s Safety Management System, for the following purposes: A. Pre-joining drug & alcohol testing of the seafarers, B. Bi-annual unannounced testing onboard fleet vessels. ELSSI’s response to test requests is instant and the carrying-out of the tasks takes place always within the scheduled time frames. The service locations provided by ELSSI, cover the majority of the ports globally, where there are shipping activities. ELSSI services are of high quality, in terms of testing as well as of results’ administration. All tasks are being carried out by professional, polite and discreet staff. Their presence on board is governed by a sense of safety, preciseness and co-operation. Throughout the whole time of ARCADIA’s co-operation with ELSSI, there have not been any complaints by Company’s seafarers, nor any other issues been arisen, concerning the test results.
    ARCADIA Shipmanagement
  • "We are the operators of 11 modern oil tankers, which provide worldwide high quality oil transportation services in a reliable, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly manner. Our commitment to operational integrity compels us to co-operate with high standard laboratories that support our policies and values regarding Drug and Alcohol testing. ELSSI has proved a valuable partner in covering our needs and maintaining competitive services of high quality around the globe."
  • Our fleet’s trading pattern includes USA ports where inspections by the US Coast Guard for Drug/Alcohol conformance are frequent. Our ELSSI certificate based on SAMHSA testing has never been challenged. The ELSSI service and testing methodology enabled us to implement a consistent quality process in D&A testing across our fleet, all around the globe.
    Kyklades Maritime Corporation
  • As the responsible person of Maran Tankers Inc, a 36 ships fleet shipping company, we have implemented a Drug and Alcohol testing and control system , in full compliance to the IMO and MSA regulatory framework. We conducted a survey in the context of Drug and Alcohol Testing services market, related specifically to labs accreditation certificates and service level quality. Survey findings ranked ELSSI Labs as an apparent prime provider in the Drug and Alcohol Testing in the shipping industry. Our collaboration experience with ELSSI’s services justified our decision to appoint them as our trusted service provider in Drug and Alcohol testing.
    Maran Tankers Inc.
  • SQE Manager
    We operate a fleet of 69 ships and are completely satisfied with the integrity and services provided by ELSSI. The implementation of a D/A policy is very demanding and must conform to regulations and procedures in regards to testing quality. ELSSI was chosen for its high quality standards and its extensive collection sites covering our needs.
    SQE Manager
    DPA/DSO, Eastern Mediterranean Maritime Limited