Emergency drug & alcohol sampling kits

After a Serious Marine Incident (SMI) in US Waters, the vessel is required to conduct Alcohol Tests and report test results within 2 hours from the SMI and to perform urine collections for Drug Tests within 32 hours after the SMI.
The collection and testing procedures should comply with the Federal Drug Testing Regulations that is to follow the Chain of Custody Procedures and to test for 5 categories of Drugs (Opiates, Amphetamines – including Ecstasy -,
PCP, Cocaine and Marijuana). ELSSI’s Emergency Drug Sampling Kit strictly follows the 46 CFR Part 4 regulation and the Chain of Custody Procedures:

  • ELSSI Emergency Kits are easy to use, convenient and come in a box with full chain of custody forms as well as instructions.
  • The Kits are sold (to collect samples from 10 seafarers or more).
  • They have no self-life so can be kept on your vessel indefinitely.
  • Our Laboratory is located in the US and is SAMHSA approved therefore compliant with USCG regulations as well as Oil Company guidelines.
  • All necessary details to dispatch the kits to our Laboratory as well as instructions to perform the urine collections and fill-in the COC forms are included in the instruction manual.
  • Available for immediate delivery.